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2. Introduction

Graphic tablets are now quite inexpensive and can help allot with the work of image manipulation. In addition to that what a mouse can do for you they have the following features:

This document addresses mainly the products from Wacom, because I own 3 different products of them and because their products are highly available in the region of Europe.

Nevertheless I think it should be easy to adapt the shown concepts to other products.

I have written this document because I have not found a document about this subject which contained completely what I wanted to know. So I got small parts of information from various people in the net and assembled them to this HOWTO. Regarding the questions of my readers, I must realize that this document also is not complete and never will be. But from the same questions I can tell that it helped many people on the way, and each new question lets this HOWTO grow.

2.1 New Versions of this Document

The latest version of this document will be available at

2.2 Feedback and Corrections

Comments, corrections, and additions are greatly be appreciated. I can be contacted at:

Runkel (at)

2.3 Acknowledgements

I would like to thank all authors listed in the Further Information / used documents Section as well as everyone who answered my questions by email. This HOWTO reflects much of their work.

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